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Pentair Advances Sustainable Water Solutions

March 22, 2017


Collaboration with University of California, Davis supports World Water Day commitment; aligns with company's continued efforts to deliver innovative water and wastewater solutions for municipal, industrial, residential and commercial customers

LONDON - March 22, 2017 - Pentair, a global leader in sustainable water solutions, announced today, World Water Day 2017, its collaboration with the Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science at University of California, Davis (UC-Davis), to advance water stewardship in food and beverage processing. The endeavor is the first deliverable of the commitment Pentair made at the White House Water Summit, held last year on World Water Day 2016.

"As the global population increases to an estimated 9.7 billion by 2050, water and food resources will be stressed, requiring food and beverage producers to implement highly flexible and sustainable processes," said Phil Rolchigo, Ph.D, Pentair's Vice President of Technology. "We are excited to work with UC-Davis, one of the top food and agriculture science institutions in the world, to address this challenge by accelerating new innovations to promote recovery and reuse of valuable byproducts such as nutrients, water and energy in food and dairy processing waste streams."

Pentair's collaboration with UC-Davis will establish a learning laboratory to identify new technologies and applications in both dairy and beer processing. Pentair's proven technologies, including its beer and wine membrane filtration solutions, nanofiltration and ultrafiltration membranes, membrane bioreactors, and aquaculture systems, help food and beverage customers around the globe increase yield and decrease cost, waste, energy use and water consumption.

Water and Wastewater Solutions to Reduce, Reuse, and Recover
With 65 percent of solutions in its Water segment supporting water efficiency-helping to reduce, reuse or recover water both directly or indirectly-Pentair provides technical experience and advanced design capabilities to provide integrated solutions to water and wastewater challenges facing municipal, industrial, residential and commercial customers. These efforts are aligned with the 2017 World Water Day theme of "Wastewater," informed by the UN's Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target 6.3 to "improve water quality by reducing pollution, eliminating dumping and minimizing release of hazardous chemicals and materials, halving the proportion of untreated wastewater and increasing recycling and safe reuse globally."

"At Pentair, we help businesses and communities better manage and treat their water supply-returning it safely to the environment or recovering and reusing it for other applications," said Rolchigo. "Our innovations are driven by the goal of helping our customers produce more food, energy, and efficiencies from each drop of water, while protecting people and the environment."

Image Caption: Pentair offers solutions across the entire water landscape to reduce, reuse and recover water.

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Pentair plc (NYSE: PNR) is a global company dedicated to building a safer, more sustainable world. Pentair delivers industry leading products, services and solutions that help people make the best use of the resources they rely on most. Its technology moves the world forward by ensuring that water is plentiful, useful and pure, and that critical equipment and those near it are protected. With 2016 revenues of $4.9 billion, Pentair employs approximately 19,000 people worldwide. To learn more, visit

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